Brief Introduction And History

Istanbul Sports Activities and Administration Trade INC. (SPORTS INC) was founded in 1989 as the affiliate company of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. In order to improve the physical and mental health of the people of Istanbul, and to develop their skills, it is prioritized to encourage them to benefit from sports facilities and to actively participate in the sports activities. Its top priority activities are the management of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality sports facilities; to organize national and international scientific, technical, educational, sportive, touristic, cultural contest, festivals, exhibitions, trips, camps, conferences, seminars, courses in all areas of sports; and to conduct research and educational studies. Since its foundation, it has gained significant achievements and experiences in the areas of sports facility management, national and international sports organizations.

Sports INC. offers various opportunities to city-dwellers in all sports facilities with contemporary conditions devoted to regular and deliberate training under contemporary with the aim of improving the quality of social life. Furthermore, it has been taking important steps towards establishing a modern infrastructure, raising new athletes, and offering disabled athletes opportunities. Istanbul has been hosting various important international activities and meetings in areas of culture and art, politics, and environment, and it was chosen as the 2010 European Capital of Culture; while it completed 2012 as the European Capital of Sports. Coming to the fore with its knowledge and organizational skills obtained from dozens of international organizations in various areas such as, chess, karate, basketball, volleyball, rowing, sailing, athletics, and table tennis, Sports INC. is proud of playing an active role in our nation’s achievements in sports, and the services it provides in sports.

Sports INC. also maintains the organization of the Istanbul Marathon, which has a particular significance in the promotion of our nation and Istanbul to the world, and it is participated by thousands of athletes and sports enthusiasts every year.

Istanbul was granted the “Silver RadRace” category in 2008 by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) along with the world’s renowned city marathons like Amsterdam, Tokyo, Prague, and Rome. The 33rd Eurasia Marathon was successfully organized in October 16, 2011, and in 2012 the 34th Eurasia Marathon earned the title of “Gold Label” that also includes the world’s major marathons. Following this successful marathon organization, the legendary organization was renamed as “Istanbul Marathon” in November 17, 2013 in favor of branding the city’s name, one more time earning the gold label. Adopting the sustainability of success as a principle, and being managed by a devoted and professional team, the marathon will be run a fifth time with the “Gold Label” title in 2016.

Furthermore, the fact that Istanbul hosted the 2010 World Basketball Championship, the 2010 European Youth-Stars Table Tennis Championship, the 2011 WTA Championships, the World Women Tennis Championship, the 2012 World Indoor Athletics Championship, and the 2012 World Short Course Swimming Championship, the 2013 WTA Championships, the International Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship, the International Badminton Tournament, and the International Table Tennis Tournament, has been significant steps towards the promotion of our nation and city.