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It is Time to Become a Volunteer for a more active İstanbul!

We invite you to become a Spor İstanbul Volunteer.

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Being a Volunteer

For an individual to support social enterprise activities in the society due to a personal desire to reach a goal that is thought to be beneficial for the society without expecting any material reward or interest.

Our Mission

To provide social solidarity with the unifying power of sports by bringing volunteering awareness and love of sports.

Who is a Spor İstanbul Volunteer?

A sports volunteer who supports and motivates the athletes with a smiling face, joy and energy at the stations determined in the field at the sports events organized during the year by Spor İstanbul.

Our Vision

To become an institution known throughout the world and become a leader in Turkey in terms of sports activities and services which we support with our Spor İstanbul Volunteers.

As Spor İstanbul, we bring together 16 million İstanbul residents with sports events every day of the year. Join the volunteers of Spor İstanbul to support the sport you love and this beautiful city!

What Have We Done Together?

We brought together approximately 140 thousand people from 106 countries in the 41st İstanbul Marathon with the slogan ‘İstanbul is Yours, Don’t Stop Running.’ As the İstanbul Volunteer Family, we supported the İstanbul Marathon, where approximately 37 thousand people took part in races, with our 1065 Volunteers.

We brought together 10 thousand athletes from 100 countries for the Vodafone 14th İstanbul Half Marathon with the slogan “Let’s Run Together.” As Spor İstanbul Volunteer family, we supported the Half Marathon with our 420 volunteers.

We supported our runners with our Volunteers in Running İstanbul Laps which we have organized in order to increase the number of participants in road races, organize alternative races for the participants of the road races, provide races in series for the runners and adapt the new runners to the short-distance races in Turkey.

  • We carried out İstanbul Children’s Marathon, which is the biggest children’s marathon in Turkey, both on the “Mother’s Day” and the “World Athletics Day” on May 10, 2015.
  • In the 4th İstanbul Children’s Marathon held on May 13, 2018, the “World Running Record with Most Children” was set with 10086 participants as registered by Dr. Orhan Kural and the Arbitration Committee. İstanbul Children’s Marathon, which has broken new grounds, was granted the “Best Children’s Event” award in 2018. In 2019, we broke our own record with 10876 participants.
  • As Spor İstanbul Volunteer family, we supported the Children’s Marathon with our 110 volunteers.

A fantastic organization in which 365 Athletes compete and which we support with our 335 volunteers as Sport İstanbul Volunteer family.

  • Spor İstanbul Volunteer Training: We organize training courses in Ataköy Olympic House by experts in their fields twice a year with our volunteers who take part in İstanbul Marathon and İstanbul Half Marathon, the biggest sports organizations in terms of active participation in Turkey.
  • Matters such as track presentation, place of duty, effective communication are explained to the volunteer participants and their job descriptions are made.
  • We give a participation certificate to our volunteers at the end of the training.

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